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Exceptional Heat May Be a Factor in Defining Style of Bordeaux 2019 Vintage

June 29, 2019

The exceptional heat of recent days in Bordeaux and across France may be a factor in defining the style of this year's Bordeaux vintage, as maximum temperatures exceeded those of late June last year and approached the levels of the 2003 heatwave, according to data from

 Grapes in Bordeaux. Photo: Guy Collins

Maximum temperatures reached 37.3 degrees Celcius at Bordeaux Merignac on June 26 and 27, compared with the maximum June temperature last year of 33.9 degrees. In June 2003 the maximum June temperature reached 38.5 degrees.

April this year was broadly in line with average temperatures over the 30 years from 1981 to 2010, according to, while May was slightly cooler than normal and June is shaping up to be hotter, particularly on the maximum end of the scale. 

Concerning rainfall, April and June have been wetter than normal in Bordeaux while May was drier than average, according to

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