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Burgundy Drives Advances on Liv-ex in Past Month

November 6, 2017

Burgundy helped drive gains on the Liv-ex wine market last month while Bordeaux lagged, with a 2.5 percent monthly gain on the regional Burgundy 150 Index contributing to an overall rise of 1 percent in the broader Fine Wine 1000 Index.

Over the same period the Bordeaux 500 Index, comprising wines from the 10 most recent physically available vintages, rose 0.5 percent while the Bordeaux Legends 50, including more mature wines from the 1980s and 1990s, gained 0.8 percent, according to data on the Liv-ex website. 

The Burgundy 150 has gained 14 percent so far this year, outpacing the 11 percent advance by Champagne and Italy and just 6 percent by the Bordeaux 500, according to Liv-ex.

In a further sign of rising interest in Burgundy, the region's share of trading on the Liv-ex exchange rose 17 percent in the week to Nov. 2 from 12 percent the previous week, according to its Talking Trade blog, while the share of Bordeaux fell to 60 percent from 66 percent.

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