Ch√Ęteau Le Pin

History and Ownership


  • Appellation: Pomerol

  • Area under vine: 2 hectares (5 acres) 

  • Planted grapes: 92% Merlot plus some Cabernet Franc (Source: Berry Bros. & Rudd)

  • Soil: Gravel and clay, with some sand 

  • Owner: Jacques Thienpont


Vintage Prices

Prices are drawn from surveying websites of the following merchants and brokers:  

AFW        Atlas Fine Wines                   
BBR         Berry Bros. & Rudd               
BBX         Berry Bros. Broking Exchange
BIX          BI                                             
BIL          BI LiveTrade                           
BON        Bonham's Auctions               
CHR        Christie's Auctions                 
FVN        Farr Vintners                          
FRW       Fine + Rare Wines                  
J&B         Justerini & Brooks                  
SOB        Sotheby's Auctions                 

WOS      Wine Owners                           
While every effort is made to check the accuracy of prices and quantities quoted, they are subject to change on a daily basis and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Prices are intended as reference only and should be cross-referenced against the original source websites.